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April: Male Athlete of the Month
by: Trey Schmidt

In his final year as a Huskie Volleyball player, Senior, Jakub Migus will lead his team as far as possible to close out the season. Migus took inspiration from his older brother, Bart Migus, who eventually showed him the sport he fell in love with. “I started playing volleyball because of my older brother, he started off in seventh grade and I was in third or fourth grade.” The four year Varsity setter leads his team with fellow captain, Senior, Brent Gurvis to a current record of 14-4. With plenty more games to be played, the Huskies look to close out the MSL season strong. They look for another title run in the East. “Never be complacent, always try and find the next step and find the people that will make you a better version of yourself,” Migus said. Migus always pushes to improve to improve not only himself but his teammates. Migus’s dedication can go could go a long way especially with his close group of friends being with him this season With Migus dishing out perfect sets, the Huskies are looking like a team to be feared for the rest of the season.

April: Female Athlete of the Month
by: Trey Schmidt

Senior Susan Ferris is a very gifted athlete that the Hersey Girl’s Badminton team is lucky to have. Ferris will try to repeat with her doutbles partner Senior Maddie Jacobson to try and make it down to state for the second year in a row. For the Huskies Ferris has been very successful during her time on Varsity with winning R e g i o n a l s and Sectionals. With the season coming to an end and playoffs starting soon Ferris will look to rise to the top again. MSL conference championships starting as of this past Friday the Huskies look for a chance at the East again.

Micheal's Take: NBA MVP
by: Trey Schmidt

T he NBA Most Valuable Player debate has become increasingly popular over the years. The most notable race in recent years was last year when James Harden won the MVP over Russell Westbrook. Often, this debate centers around the definition of the NBA MVP. Many people believe the MVP should simply be awarded to the best basketball player in the league. Others believe it should go to the player who does the most for his team or to the player that is the most dominant force on the offensive and/or the defensive end. The NBA MVP should be awarded to the player who had the best combined offensive and defensive regular season. Using this method, the best player in the league will win the award some years, but other years the best player may not have a stellar regular season and another superstar would deservingly win the award. This year’s MVP race is unique as the playstyles of the two frontrunners - Houston Rockets guard James Harden and Milwaukee Bucks Forward Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks - are very unique. Harden is a frontrunner for the third year in a row, and this season was easily his most dominant season. Harden plays a very patient game on the perimeter and has had the best scoring season (36.1 ppg) since Michael Jordan in 1986-87 campaign. However, Giannis has had a breakout season averaging 27.7 ppg, 12.5 rpg, and 5.9 apg. Giannis is one of 3 players to ever lead a #1 seed in points, rebounds, and assists. A legitimate case could be made for either of these superstars to win the MVP. The voters’ definition of what the MVP means will determine the winner of the prestigious award this year. HUSKY'S TAKE “The person who is most valuable to a team should win the award. If you take that player away from his team, how good will his team still be?” junior Scott Rogowski said. “When I think of the definition of the NBA MVP, I think of James Harden because when Chris Paul was out, Harden stepped up and had his crazy scoring streak and he averaged 35 ppg this year, which is crazy,” sophomore Brent Wolff said.

October: Female Athlete of the Month
by: Trey Schmidt

Senior Makayla Tsagalis is jumping off her last year as a Huskie seems to be leading the girls gymnastics team this winter. The team scored 123 this past Wednesday during their conference meet She has been a dominant force all over the events with getting a 8 out of 10 on floor, 7 on bars, 7.4 on beam and her best score of the night with a 8.5 on vault during conference. The South Dakota commit for softball has shown us that she can only not play softball well but exceeds in gymnastics too. Tsagalis has been the senior leader for this team and she definitely hasn’t disappointed us. “It has felt really good being a leader on this team because I know everyone looks up to me” Tsagalis said. Tsagalis looks forward to ending the season on a high note and to stay successful during her spring season. She have a good run during regionals and to qualify for sectionals and state.

October: Female Athlete of the Month
by: Trey Schmidt

Natalie Osiecki is a promising athlete that excels on the tennis court. Starting at the age of 10, Osiecki has made large strides in a short time. Along with playing for the USTA, Osiecki joins Hersey’s team as a freshman this past fall. “Playing for this team means to me that I am part of a team and that there are people behind me supporting me along with me supporting them,” Osiecki said. Osiecki impressed all with a successful season, progressing through sectionals and on to State. She was seeded 10th overall and made a huge impact in the IHSA state tournament. “My family inspires me to continue to play tennis because they support me in everything I do. They help me through the hard times,” Osiecki said. All eyes will be on the young athlete as she is sure to continue representing the Huskies and making history for the years to come.

For more on Natalie's story, click here. Video by Blake VonDerLippe

October: Male Athlete of the Month
by: Michael Somary

Ronan Wilcox, a sophomore who just finished his second season on varsity soccer, has been playing soccer almost his entire life. “I started when I was about three years old and I fell in love with the game right away.” Wilcox played midfield this past season and had a successful season with 6 goals and 9 assists in the regular season and an additional 4 assists in the playoffs. The team had a huge improvement in its record from last season to this season, going from a 4 win season to a 10 win season. “We have been able to adapt to each other’s playing styles much better this season than last season,” Wilcox said. Wilcox looks forward to next season as he will be a big factor in the team’s success.

For more on Ronan's story, click here.  Video by Gavin Hill

October: Michael's Take
by: Michael Somary

The 2018-19 NBA season is just underway and expectations are high. With storylines of LeBron James joining Lonzo Ball and the Lakers, and Gordon Hayward coming back from injury to team up with Kyrie and the Celtics, this NBA season is looking to be a season that is the Western Conference versus the Boston Celtics because LeBron left Cleveland and there are no other real competitors to take the East from Boston.


With Gordon Hayward, Kyrie Irving, and the young stars of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, it finally seems as though there is a team that has enough firepower as the Golden State Warriors.


One team that could potentially give Boston a struggle in the east is the Toronto Raptors. With the Raptor’s addition of Kawhi Leonard, a top three player before his injury in the 2016-17 playoffs, the Raptors could be a top team in the east and challenge the Celtics.


The Western Conference, unlike the Eastern Conference, has a tough route for teams to make it to the finals. The Golden State Warriors are the early favorites to win the Western Conference, but have Houston, Oklahoma, New Orleans, Utah, and Portland in their path to the Finals.


The West is full of the last year’s MVP in James Harden and debatably the best player in the world in LeBron James. LeBron has plenty of experience facing the Golden State Warriors as he has faced them in the NBA finals the last four years. LeBron has been to the last eight NBA Finals, but that streak will most likely come to an end this season as his team just simply does not have enough star power as the Warriors or even the Houston Rockets led by James Harden and Chris Paul.


I predict that the Warriors and Celtics will play in the NBA Finals with the Warriors winning in seven games.

Huskies Take Regionals
by: Trey Schmidt

The Hersey Huskies once again proved that they are the top team in the Mid-Suburban League. The girls volleyball defeated Buffalo Grove in Thursday Regional Championship at Hoffman Estates in two sets (25-18 and 25-23). The Huskies have won three Regional titles in the past 3 years that have come from very talented teams. The 4th seeded Huskies played the 5th seeded Bison that is a rematch that happen two weeks ago when Buffalo Grove won but that didn’t last long as the Huskies prepared for the game. “For the game we watched BG film from them playing us and any other team we could find and found spots on the court that they had trouble getting too as well as working on aggressive serving and a positive mindset” said senior Katie Monroe. The Huskies had a 16-13 lead in the first set and ended up winning 25-18 taking ahold of the game. Kaiya Eshoo led the team with 24 assists and 5 kills while the rest of the team had a combined 27 kills. The Huskies then went into the second set with confidence and took control of the match. “We wanted to come out just as strong as the first game and continue the momentum we had” said Monroe. With that said the Huskies beat the Bison in the second set with a 25-23 victory. The Bison kept this one close but Hersey was in the way. The Huskies will move on to the Sectional semifinals against the top-seeded Loyola Ramblers on Monday.

September: Female Athlete of the Month
by: Trey Schmidt

Junior Claire Fink is having a greatyearforHersey’sgirlsswim team. She has outdone herself in the pool and each meet the Huskies have be in. Claire has been swimming since she was a little kid and has continued all through high school as a junior now.  She swims every season with club but loves high school swim. “I do enjoy club but it doesn’t compare to high school at all” said Fink. She has been a huge team player in the girls swim meets. Winning some individual races and team races this year. The Huskies have been doing well this year too. They have been dominated each meet they have been at. Claire plays an important role in the Huskies races and puts them on the podium after the meet. With Claire being an all season swimmer it goes in her advantage during high school meets to put her ahead in the races for her to win. Overall Claire is a talented athlete for the girls swim team and Hersey is happy to have her swim for them. Claire looks to have more fun during her high school career at the Jambo Invite this Saturday at Prospect High school.

For more on Claire's story, click here.  Video by Blake VonDerLippe

September: Male Athlete of the Month
by: Michael Somary

Sophomore Henry Quinn is having a great season, putting up numbers that would normally be expected to come from a senior. “It feels great being one of the best players in the school as a sophomore, there are a lot of great players at Hersey and being one of the best means a lot.” Quinn has improved his game substantially since last season. “I worked the most on getting more consistent in the offseason. We have a long season this year with a lot of matches and being consistent is the most important thing to me.” Quinn simply loves improving his game, and he demonstrates it with his results. Quinn had a fifth place overall finish at the Biltmore classic. Quinn also medaled in a Hersey win against Rolling Meadows with eight pars and one bogey on August 29th. With impressive numbers so far, expect Quinn to finish the season strong and continue that success into next season.

September: Michael's Take
by: Michael Somary

Fantasy football has been blowing up for years and has created six-figure paying jobs like that of Matthew Berry’s, Field Yates’, and many others. Not only have these journalists made money from fantasy football, but players on gambling websites and, obviously, the websites themselves make thousands and thousands of dollars. DraftKings and FanDuel, the two biggest gambling fantasy football sites, have been created to make the process of drafting a team and gambling money an even easier process. Teams can be changed every week to ensure the players will put more money in every week because of the new hope they receive with their new team. Personally, I have experienced someone that was was quick to fall in the trap. Every week they were close enough to making money to the point where they came back the next week with higher hopes. These websites have become so popular that nine states have banned them completely. Television numbers for the NFL have gone up as the popularity of fantasy football has increased. It turns meaningless games where you don’t care which bad and irrelevant team wins the game to games where you are on the edge of your couch screaming at the TV why your receiver isn’t catching enough passes or why your running back in getting enough carries. These games are just as relevant every week with these weekly websites because you have a fresh start unlike regular leagues where if your team is losing week after week and you have no chance to have a good finish in your league you stop caring about the games. Ultimately, fantasy football is good for the NFL, but I believe these weekly gambling websites are bad for fantasy football.

Huskies Win Again
by: Trey Schmidt

The Hersey Huskies football team erupted last Friday night on September 21st. The Huskies (5-0) played Prospect (3-2) and the game started in the Huskies favor with a commanding lead of 20-0 in the first quarter. The Huskies shut down Prospect’s hot offense with three 3 and outs. The Knights couldn’t get much started until the start of the second half. “After the first quarter we were obviously feeling confident but we knew that Prospect is a pretty conditioned team and have comeback to win games earlier in the year” said senior Vince carso. With that said the Knights started their comeback. They cut the lead in half when the Knights kicker hit a 25 yard field goal to make the score 20-10. “Yeah they started coming back late in the first half and I think that was due to us just being a little content but once they scored we knew we had to refocus and step up our game” said senior Nick Steger. The Huskies answered right back with a huge play. Vince Carso ran back a 93-yard kickoff return with less than a minute in the half and took the wind right out of Prospects momentum. The Huskies took a 17 point lead going into halftime. “We felt pretty good with what we were doing going into the 2nd half so we didn’t really change it up that much” said Steger. The second half was a field for the Huskies who scored two quick touchdowns in the first 5 minutes of the third quarter.  First a 44-yard run by Vince Carso and a 34-yard pass to senior Kacper Rutkiewicz from Ryan Justice to make the score 44-10. The dynamic duo of senior Ryan Justice and junior Jordan Hanson combined for 190 yards passing and 232 yards rushing during the game. The Huskies scored a total of 28 points just in the third quarter and crushed the Knights hearts. Hersey decided to rest up there starters and put in their backups for the remainder of the game. Prospect showed some late scoring but with time running down they couldn’t get back into the game with Hersey’s defenses stopping their attack. The Huskies put down the Knights with a 55-29 victory to improve Hersey to 5-0 this year. “A little confidence is gained after every win but when you win you can’t get to high and when you lose you can’t get too low. So we are going to treat it like every week of practice in the past” said Carso. The Huskie are going to try to keep rolling in the MSL East with a huge match up against Buffalo Grove this Friday who are 3-2 after last week’s lost to Wheeling.

For highlights from the game, click here.  Video by Josh Ho.