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Columbus Day Should Not be Forgotten
by:Joey Ivanov

In 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, he did the unthinkable. Columbus was a brave man who risked everything with the intent to bring new riches and a new understanding of the world to western Europe. Columbus Day is a day where Americans can reflect on the discovery of our continent. If not for Columbus who knows when the Americas would’ve been discovered and if life as we know it would be the same. In recent years the perspective changed, people started calling Columbus a villain for the inhumane actions used against the native populations. Yes, some of his actions were poor, but who has not made poor decisions. At the time, his misdemeanors were the norm and what sense does it make to judge someone entirely on their wrongs. While Columbus did take poor actions against the natives, his willpower to travel across unknown waters and desire to discover more beyond the common man’s reach are why this man had a holiday named after him in 1937. Columbus Day should be a day off of school so students can reflect upon an important historical event.

Sleep Helps Memory
by: Trey Schmidt

Sleeping is a huge factor in performing well in activities during school and in academics. Getting the right amount of sleep means going to bed early. No watching late night shows on Netflix or studying late. These late night activities keep your brain active and running late but really you need to put away the activities and go to sleep. This is the best plan to get healthy rest and to prepare for the next day. Ideally, the goal for hours of sleep per night is 8-9 hours of sleep. That means going to bed early and getting those 8 hours of rest for your body to recover from the day,  it makes day to day activities will be smoother. Waking up in the morning the body is recharged and ready to start another day either starting off going to school or practice. This helps improve your lifestyle and every day activities. Sleeping also feels good. Waking up fully recharged or somewhat refreshed makes a day go smoothly. Another reason why sleeping those 8 hours is because it improves memory. Studying those notecards for a test that’s coming up is better to get rest because you are more likely to remember the written things on the note cards than staying up late to try and study more. If studying all night happens and you go to bed at 3 in the morning the things you studied that night won’t come back to you during the test the next day. The odds that the test goes well will be really high and won’t be a high test score. That is why getting that sleep is very important because your brain gets to rest and recover from the day. It gets to process all the information learned and makes it easier for you to remember the information.

Traffic Jam
by: Joey Ivanov

At eight in the morning the last thing I want to do is push my way through the hordes of freshman that reside in the main hallway. They leave a single body walkway between their pile-ups which is brutal to walk through because someone will always be coming from the other side. I don’t understand why students feel the need to stand in the main hall when the cafeteria is never full, they could easily just sit in the room designed for exactly that. Every student knows the intersections leading into the math and science wing are the most cluttered areas in the school. Bodies on top of bodies pushing into each other, tiny freshman trying to sneak their way through while other, non-observant, carefree school goers act like they lost their way and are just following everyone else. After four years of dealing with the hallways here and last years loss of a minute during passing periods, I’ve learned that the only way to even attempt to get to class on time is by pushing through the packed intersections and walking with a purpose. Four minutes to walk from class to class is barely enough time for students to get to class and many students wish to fill up their water bottle, use the restroom, or talk to some friends during these periods. Yes, majority of students can survive the eight hour school day but there are still some changes that could be made to help make high school the memorable place it’s supposed to be, and it all starts with the simple things.