With the 2020 presidential election coming up this November and everything related to COVID-19 that is happening, while in person voting will still happen, voting for a candidate will mostly be through mail ballots.  Trump is trying to defund the USPS so he can manipulate other companies into helping him rig the election. Trump wants to pay companies to send out ballots to people who they know will vote for Trump and/or also submit false votes according to CNN.

The USPS requested a loan for three and a half million dollars for the mail ballots. Trump is going against giving out a loan because, according to him, it would cause election problems and the USPS is fine just the way they are. In his opinion, if he gives them more money, more problems will appear with the election. Trump also rejected an emergency loan of twenty-five billion dollars requested from USPS for extra help they needed to deliver all their packages.  

USPS has been struggling, causing a delay or loss in delivering packages. This has to do with the fact that, at the start of COVID when we were all quarantined, people were doing an excessive amount of online shopping. USPS has had to take out multiple loans to cover the expenses for all the packages it was receiving, and now the government won't give it any more money to help. It is  really childish of the government not to help support USPS.  USPS is an essential service and many people rely on it to deliver their packages and mail. When items are delivered late, it could ruin a lot of plans, which wouldn’t have to happen if the government approved their request for a loan. 

Trump's chances of winning the 2020 election are unlikely, he's a terrible person whose true colors showed within these last four years. Trump is declining to help the USPS, an essential business that we can not live without, along with trying to make America as culturally non-diverse as possible.  

Trump declining its requests for money is so lame. We all rely on the USPS to deliver our mail, which includes a numerous amount of things. Trump should want to help the USPS as it is for the better good of Americans. He shouldn't have to rig the election just so he can win another term. He should be punished for attempting to rig the election; it is not fair to the citizens. By Trump attempting to rig the election, it takes away people's opportunity to vote for Biden or the third party, which is incredibly unfair.  Trump should accept the USPS’s request for money, so the USPS can help satisfy U.S. citizens and can all vote fairly on who we want to be our president for the 2020 election.