Having already lived through a summer in a pandemic, there is a good idea of what the summer will look like. However, this year there is a bit more leniency to the activities people can do. 

    In the summer of 2020, it seemed that many activities were put on hold, and more and more travel destinations were shut down. However, now that we know more about COVID-19, many destinations are finally reopening. 

    Traveling in a plane seems daunting to many, but guidelines have been put in place to make it as safe as possible. For flights into many countries, a recent negative COVID-19 test is needed. Then, anyone can go on their plane, making sure to wear their masks. There is another way people can go on a flight. If someone is fully vaccinated, they will not need a negative COVID test before going on a plane. 

A lake in Croatia, a very popular travel destination.

    In 2020, a very popular travel destination was a lakehouse. Renting a lakehouse, or a house in any destination, is still a very popular vacation destination. However, there is more leeway this year, and some major tourist attractions have reopened. For example, Disney World is among one of the most popular tourist attractions to reopen. Major attractions are allowing people to visit, as long as you follow CDC guidelines.

    The CDC recently gave more flexibility for people who are fully vaccinated. It is now said that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask, unless it is required by a place that they are visiting. This new incentive to get the vaccine may lead to an increased number of vaccinations. If more people get vaccinated, it is likely that we can go back to “normal,” as no one would have to worry about getting COVID-19, or transmitting it. Fully vaccinated people seem to be getting more freedom so than those who aren’t vaccinated. Some attractions only want fully vaccinated people to visit their attractions. 

    COVID-19 seems to have decreased in frequency, and then plateaued in the number of infections. It seems that nothing major is happening with the number of infections as the numbers aren’t jumping up or down. As we wait in this sort of COVID-19 limbo, more activities will likely reopen in the summer. Many public places such as pools, are reopening. This gives people more options for activities to do in the day. Some sports at Hersey will be continuing their seasons into the summer, further giving students more things to do.

    For an example of what someone is doing over the summer, here is what Hersey senior Luka Simic had to say, “For summer, I am going to a lakehouse. I’m probably gonna relax and might kayak.” This goes to show how the trend of renting a lakehouse has become very popular. However many people may choose to go to a resort now that many have reopened.

    With more options for vacation, more people are likely to travel over the summer. Whatever you do over the summer, whether it be going to a resort, traveling overseas, or just renting a lakehouse, stay safe, and have fun.