Gross food, hair nets, and mean lunch ladies is a stigma most high schools struggle to separate from. School cafeterias are a common setting in film and television and are often poked fun at and portrayed a negative role in the movie. Hersey is trying to make a change to that ideology. 

All schools in District 214, including Hersey, made a potential life changing decision for all of the district's students. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) , the organization that oversees all school meal programs in the country, has approved and allowed D214 schools to provide free meals, breakfast and lunch, for all students and staff. 

Ben Clawson, expressed his excitement when he heard of this new lunch system, “I was pleasantly excited when I heard the school lunch was free. It takes the stress off me if I don’t have time to pack a lunch from home.” Furthermore, a decent amount of Hersey’s students and staff go out for lunch, which as Clawson jokes, “adds up”. 


The last remaining pizza from Tony's is still available during C lunch on a Wednesday.

District seems to know their students well.  When polled, 100% of Hersey students stated they would not get a school lunch if they had to pay for it.  Unfortunately for the school, following the outbreak of Covid-19, this was a solid reasoning in their decision to make the change. Although there is still a hesitant drive to get the school lunch, a fan favorite, the pizza, keeps a large group of the students coming back everyday. Interview with junior Johnny Ryg, who has bought the school lunch all 3 of his years at Hersey sums up this perfectly, when asked, why he gets the school lunch. “I just get the pizza because it tastes good, and is free now”.