When it comes to the holiday season, it’s easy to lose focus on the meaning and traditions of the holidays we often pivot our attention to materialistic and tangible goods like decorations and presents. While the importance of the meaning vs decorations might be a controversial debate, the one to argue today is how early is too early to start celebrating? When surveyed, 98 out of 165 Hersey students agreed that after Thanksgiving was the most acceptable date for holiday celebrations to begin. 

Junior Evan Naumowicz, who loves the holiday season said, “My family has always started celebrations on December 10. Everything you need to do or celebrate can be done in 15 days. It makes it more exciting with something always happening, and that’s how I grew up. Being the youngest in the family, I didn’t have much say in changing that, but I know my little cousins get upset when we start so late.” 

Every family has their own house rules and traditions. Similarly, every block has that one house with their lights up November 1st. It’s a safe bet to say the future residence of junior Katy Eidle will one day be the owner of that house. When interviewed, Eidle said her Christmas music plays 11 months out of the year. She loves the feeling of Christmas time and dislikes the vibes of Halloween. Naumowicz, representative of the opposite view, shared, “My favorite holiday is Halloween because me and my buddies all dress up and go trick-or-treating.” While these are the extreme views — Naumowicz, enjoying the Halloween season, and Eidle, enjoying the joy of the Christmas season. Based on survey results, most huskies fall into a more moderate view, starting celebrations after thanksgiving.