The best way to describe Eternals in one word is “inconsistent” major plot holes are littered throughout the movie, leaving more questions to be asked than what were answered; very weak character motivations; a very boring plot for a two and a half hour run time, the second longest runtime in the MCU right after Endgame, and just like Endgame, it uses that lengthy runtime horribly. 

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Eternals poster displayed at AMC Theaters. 


Eternals doesn’t start off with a bang like most of these movies do; it starts out with text coming up on the screen, explaining the Eternals' lore to us, instead of showing it to us, and this is my first major problem with the film. There are so many flashback scenes throughout the movie that I lost count of what was a flashback and what was actually happening in the present moment. Not only that, some of the flashback scenes could’ve been shown at the start of the movie and made the origin of the Eternals much more interesting then the text appearing on screen describing their origin. 


The following scene is our main cast on their ship, looking over Earth. They then fly down to Earth, save some cavemen from the villains, Deviants, and magical beings that are spread across the universe. They have a cool shot of them all together after they beat the villains, and cue the classic Marvel movie intro. I wish that last sentence was a joke, but it truly isn’t. There is no introduction to our main characters until 15-20 minutes into the movie, and by that point, I’ve already lost interest because 1. I have no idea what’s going on and 2. I don’t know any of these characters’ names. These problems don’t go away either, they stay throughout the entire movie. I only know 3 of the main characters' names from memory because, half the time, we didn’t get a proper introduction to all these characters and that’s Eternals’ biggest problem. The main characters in this movie are some of, if not the weakest, lead characters in the MCU. It took me a while to learn some of their names, which is not typically an issue for me as a viewer. The issue that lies here is that I didn’t go back and look up the names of these characters or was even interested to learn about these characters. But, there were multiple characters that I did enjoy: Kingo, Gilgamesh, and Phastos, played by Kumali Nanjiani, Don Lee, and Brian Tyree Henry respectively, are the three best characters of our main cast of Eternals. These three had clear motives and beliefs, which most of the main cast doesn’t have. Not to mention, these three are the most fun and charismatic characters of the movie, having clever dialogue and funny humor, especially Kingo who steals the show whenever he’s on the screen. Phastos has the best character motivation and development out of the whole cast, and it is frustrating because he doesn’t appear until the final 40 minutes of the movie. The character with the most important ties to Earth isn’t shown until the last 40 minutes. The supporting cast is also great, with Dane and Karun being funny, and heartfelt characters, Karun being the funniest character in the whole, playing off Kingo perfectly. The rest of the cast, though, was very lacking. The motives for what they do were either very boring or very lazy this can mainy be seen with Sersi and Ikaris, whose motives are really only there for the plot to move on, especially Sersi, whose motives conflict with the other cast members. Honestly, there really isn’t much to say about the rest of them: they aren’t bad, the acting isn’t bad, they’re just boring. The fight scenes are entertaining but the cgi in this film isn’t bad, it’s just very noticeable and is really relied upon for many scenes. “The CGI is very noticeable in this movie and while it’s not usually a problem for me it’s very annoying when the CGI isn’t done well in a movie over reliant on it.” Said Senior Alex Galvan. 

Spoiler warning from here on out. I have no idea who the villain of this movie was; I don’t know if it was Arishim, if it was the Deviants, or if it was Iciris, who randomly decides to betray the team when he learns that a new Celestial is being born and will destroy Earth, and when Ajack plans to stop it, he kills her. There is one little flashback scene of Ikiri’s devotion for Arishim, and even then, it’s not even noticeable. Then there’s the Deviant that wants to kill all the Eternals because they killed their entire race, so he’s hunting them down and kills Gilgimash. Yes, one of the best characters is killed off after being in the movie for 20 minutes. Then there's Arishim, who uses the Eternals to protect planets to gather energy to create more Sentinels. There are three characters to consider as antagonists here, and it’s so confusing, the deviant kills Gilgamesh, and then dies off at the end of the movie. There was no point to him. Then you have Kingo, who leaves the team after he learns that Ikiris is planning to kill them to stop Arishim. And he states that Arishim has multiple planets and societies built when one is destroyed, but won’t those planets also be destroyed for the birth of new Sentinels? Meaning that his whole argument is pointless? It’s, again, so confusing. The only redeemable parts of this movie are the post credit scenes, which actually makes me interested to see what comes next. We get the introduction of Starox, who is really only important because he’s Thanos’ brother, which is cool, but it’s getting really annoying that Thanos keeps getting brought up. Then we get a teaser for Black Knight, aka Dane, which is amazing to see; and most importantly, we get a teaser for Blade, which is insane. It's also teased that he and Black Knight are gonna team up, which is gonna be super fun. Eternals is filled with plot holes and inconsistent pacing, and is really not that enjoyable of a film, but there are some perks and can be enjoyed when viewed as its own thing. “Eternal has so much going for it and moves forward by a step, but for every step it takes it goes back by 3, it tries to be 3 stories at once and it just doesn’t work.” Said Senior Michael Ceffelio.