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When the first outbreaks of COVID-19 were announced, many shows stopped production and took a break. After several months of being on a hiatus, shows have begun to resume production and have been uploading weekly episodes. But with the new episodes for many of these shows, there has been a v…

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As Christmas gets closer, more and more people finally decide to break out their yearly Christmas music, whether it’s by changing the radio station in their car, playing one of Spotify’s playlists or dusting off an old holiday record. Unfortunately, the songs all of these platforms usually b…

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After her latest EP titled She Is Coming, on November 27, Miley Cyrus released her seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts. Cyrus collaborated with numerous artists such as Dua Lipa, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, The Blackhearts and Stevie Nicks. After going through all of her previous phases that the…

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As the weather gets colder, trees become bare and windows start to frost over in the morning, it begins to feel a little bit lonely. Especially with the pandemic peaking again, it’s hard not to enter a state of longing for a sunnier time. Thankfully, there’s a new antidote perfect for curing…

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Covid-19 has brought on many struggles that have affected everyone but have also given us the opportunity to grow as people. Back in March when we were very restricted with what we could do, we had to get creative with what we did. Creative times call for creative measures, as they say. Soph…

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2020 has been a horrible year for most businesses and companies while other companies have been profiting so much from the pandemic. Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, and many other streaming services have been booming, with Netflix gaining over 15 million new users due to the pandemic. The same goes…

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When Declan McKenna released his first album, What Do You Think About The Car?, he was 18. And releasing a critically acclaimed album at 18 is an anomaly, so, naturally, the focus of almost every interview and review was his age. Now, however, McKenna is 21. With age comes maturity, experien…

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You’re on a spaceship, making sure everything on the ship is working well with your fellow crew members. There's just one problem: one crewmate is an impostor and is out to bring the ship to a halt, whether it’s by sabotaging the ship’s operations, killing everybody on board, or voting crewm…

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Gold Star mother, Kaki Newgard, returned to Hersey for the first time since her son and former Hersey student, Will Newgard, was killed in combat serving our country. Will’s lifelong dream was always to join the military and after years of military school, he enlisted. When he went to Baghda…

In this episode of Budget Bites, Sam and the Foods crew head to downtown Chicago to find the best cheap meals.

Josh sits down with Connor Durkin, Dan Phillips, and Joey Byrom to discuss the Rise of Skywalker and its implications on the rest of the Star Wars universe, as well our personal rankings of the Skywalker Saga films

Hersey's Dicken's Carolers perform at the Arlington Heights Tree Lighting and The Lutheran Home.

In this month's episode of Budget Bites, Sam and the foods crew headed to Christkindlmarkt in downtown Chicago.

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Grace and Natalie give an introduction and discuss the goal of the podcast and what to expect in the future.

Josh and Max go over Rian Johnson's whodunnit Knives Out. They give an overview of the film and their thoughts, then dive into the twists and turns that made the film so enjoyable.

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Josh and Max go over Taika Waititi's polarizing new film Jojo Rabbit. They are joined by senior Sam Sobczak, junior Amelia Zollner, and junior Natalie Wozny. The five of them discuss the pros and cons of the film, as well as a deep dive into the core themes.

Hersey's theater department performs Matilda the Musical in the JHHS Theater. This was not broadcast live and was recorded for critique purposes only.

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Natalie Wozny (‘21) and Grace Meister (‘20) sit down with psychology teacher and dance choreographer Ariana Cappuccitti to talk about how to manage time wisely and efficiently.

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Senior Josh Ho and sophomore Max Garcia review Todd Phillips’ polarizing new film Joker, discussing what worked and also where the film was lacking. They touch on where this new film fits into the current state of the industry and whether the film is set up for an awards run.

We headed down to the historic town of Evanston, home to Northwestern University and located right on the lake. In addition to finding three great restaurants we stopped by the campus to take a closer look at a Northwestern tradition that students began back in the 1970’s.

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Senior Josh Ho and Sophomore Max Garcia follow up to their first podcast with an update on negotiations between Spider-Man, Sony, and Disney. They discuss what this deal means for the future and also touch on the cultural conversation regarding superhero films as a whole.

On this Veterans’ Day, Hersey and District 214 would like to honor those who have served and are currently serving in the United States military. Over the years Hersey has supported our troops through its partnerships with various organizations such as A Soldier's Journey Home, Nine Line Fou…

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