Shane Dawson's Content Makeover 
by: Alexis Santiago

Over the years, YouTube creators have changed their content in order to maintain their subscriber count and keep up with the current trends. One particular YouTuber that had a noticeable change on their channel was Shane Dawson. Shane Dawson was known for making food reactions and talking about conspiracy theories, but decided to move away from those content and started to make docuseries based on YouTube controversies like Tana Mongeau’s Tanacon issue and Jake Paul with his The Mind of Jake Paul series. In October, Shane Dawson released another docuseries based on the famous makeup entrepreneur Jeffree Star.


The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star is a seven-part docuseries that follows Jeffree Star to reveal how he runs his multi-million dollar company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In the series, Shane was given the offer to collaborate with Morphe Makeup and Jeffree Star Cosmetics to create the now infamous and fast-selling makeup collection The Conspiracy Collection. The collection consists of two eyeshadow palettes, a collection of lipsticks and lipglosses, and merch products like jackets and bags. After asking a Morphe worker at the store in Schaumburg she states that The Conspiracy Collection won't be restocked in stores until 2020. 


After the series released its last episode on November 22, his subscribers were able to see the aftermath of the collection being released. The collections were shown to receive positive reactions from the beauty industry and his subscribers. Shane Dawson entered the beauty industry as an underdog not knowing anything about makeup and with the help of jeffree Star they became the most anticipated collab making us wondering what’s in store for the future for Shane Dawson.


50th Annual Food Drive Showcases School's Impact on Community
by: Amelia Zollner

On Nov. 22, Service Over Self hosted its 50th annual food drive, providing food to both local food pantries and Hersey families in need of assistance. In honor of the food drive’s 50th year, SOS used the slogan “50 for 50” in promotional materials, reflecting their goal of donating 50,000 cans. Although the total number of cans fell just short of 50,000, the 46,845 cans that students raised made a tremendous impact on the community. 

    After over a month of planning logistics, organizing classes, and collecting cans, hundreds of students came together to help organize boxes in the cafeteria during second period on Nov. 22. “I was able to stand up on a table and watch everyone, which was so amazing to me because I was able to see everyone working together for one amazing cause,” senior Mia Petri, who coordinated the food drive, said.

    Once boxes were packed, SOS students efficiently loaded them into three U-Haul trucks, all of which were completely filled in an hour. “It was so organized; the students in the SOS class worked really hard behind the scenes,” Gunther said. “There were so many things going on, from bag n’ tag to family food boxes to getting bags made, and everybody that chipped in was supremely organized and efficient.”
    From there, the U-Haul trucks went to three food pantries: St. Alphonsus, Harvest Bible Chapel, and Willow Creek. At each food pantry, SOS members helped unload the trucks, forming human chains to get the boxes into the pantries. “When everybody was handing box to box, you just get to see the best in high school students when you create opportunities like that and involve people who really want to be a part of it,” science teacher Dawn Barry said.

    At all three food pantries, employees spoke to SOS students about the impact that the Hersey food drive has on the community. “I think it’s hard for people to walk in here asking to receive food,” Willow Creek food pantry coordinator John Smith said. “It’s hard for people to do that, but at the same time, it’s seeing and meeting people for who they are and what they’re going through. Just having that connection gives them a sense of hope that there are people who care.”

    Perry and Renee Morelli, two food pantry coordinators at St. Alphonsus, felt that Hersey’s food drive had an especially large impact on those who benefit from the St. Alphonsus food pantry. “I just gave away the last of it about a couple weeks ago,” Perry Morelli said. 

    Although the food drive has the biggest impact on St. Alphonsus’ pantry and gave it enough food to last nearly a year, each food pantry relies on Hersey’s food drive, showcasing the immense impact that the food drive has on the community. “They [food pantries] circle the date every year and can’t wait until we touch base and say we’re doing it again,” Gunther said. “I think it’s fair to say they rely on the hersey students and community.”


New Classrooms Spark Interest in Career Pathways
by: Teodora Zhaklinova

Hersey has been guiding students towards a career pathway of their choice rather than just general study through improving the career pathway classrooms. It has allowed students to explore different careers until they find the right one. To enhance the student’s learning and understanding of the career, the school has redesigned several classroom to fit better the career pathway. In the past couple of years, different career pathway rooms have been made or redesigned in several different ways. 

One of those classrooms is the entrepreneurship room, which is also shared with the computer science students. Originally the room was from the 1970s and as entrepreneurship teacher Daniel Vesper explained it was very unmobile and unpleasant looking. “Our Hersey students deserved way better, and they got it!  New carpeting. New ceiling tiles. New paint. New mobile tables and chairs.  New lounge area. Six flat screen TVs where students can AirPlay their business/coding ideas, and 30 Apple laptops for our amazing students that needed advanced technology to create their apps and startup businesses, “ Mr. Vesper said. The room has a very clean look now and is a great space for collaborating on creative projects.  

The students that use this classroom have access to any technology needed and have a very convenient room that lets them work better in groups. “This room provides resources technologically and structure wise that make it very easy to present and research. This room is 100% a better working environment than typical classrooms primarily due to the space and allowance for collaboration,” senior Claire Fink said. The students can use their iPads, laptops, and TVs as resources to work on business or develop apps. 

Another business room that has been renovated is the marketing room which, until 2016, was an old computer lab with limited space. “I have better technology — a big projector screen and 7 big screen TVs — and awesome furniture.  The room is brighter and is set up in a way that makes it easier to move around and get to students who need help. The table height can be adjusted, the chairs are more comfortable and they are on wheels so we can modify the work space arrangement as needed,” marketing teacher Becky French said. The room allows students to collaborate better and makes it easier for the teacher to present and to help the students. 

 As both French and her students have pointed out, the TVs in the room have really benefited the learning environment. “The TVs in the room are definitely the best part of the room because our teacher can use them to put up slideshows and material. Also, we can use the TVs in our groups to help with collaborative work,” senior Anthony Carlson said. The large, adjustable tables and movable chairs also contribute to the collaborating process and makes moving around easier.   

Another career pathway that has a redesigned room is the law pathway. The room was created last year and has been developing over the past year. “It's so helpful because we do a lot of mock trials and court preparation, so we can practice for our mock trial,” law teacher Jodi Blazek said. The room helps students better understand what it would be like to work in court and prepares them for their future as lawyers. 

The room recreates a real courtroom, allowing students to get a better feel of the environment they would work in for the rest of their lives. “Just the experience of being in a courtroom everyday for a class really just helps them buy into the whole concept and topic, whatever we are talking about for the day, and kind of the big picture of law,” Blazek said. 

The room is used not only by the students that have chosen law as their elective but also for the law club after school. “The room has helped me while practicing for law team and for in class mock trials,” senior Kirstin Cook said. The students can practice everything related to law in the classroom to prepare for their future. 

A very recently modified room is the media communications classroom, which is used by the students who write for the newspaper and produce videos, announcements, and podcasts. “It now resembles an industry-like experience with equipment, space, and function. The room is something you would see at a 4-year university and no one in the area has a space like this,” communications teacher Todd Hatfield said. The students have access to a very technologically advanced room, a podcast, and a studio to create whatever their heart desires and to participate in monthly newspaper issues. 

The room design is very similar to college and professional settings, preparing students for their future in any field of communications. “The experience is the most important part. Kids are now leaving this program writing stories, shooting photographs, shooting video, recording audio, and knowing how to edit all of it,” Hatfield said. 

The different aspects of the room have allowed students to participate and explore many different fields of media. “The room has helped me explore various aspects of media production, such as the podcast area which has allowed me to work on my public speaking and audio production,” senior Josh Ho said. 

This course, like many others, is based around working in teams and helping each other out, so having big tables and chairs that move around is very beneficial to the students. “This room’s open tables have helped me collaborate with others and get to know everyone in my class,” Ho said. 

The health career pathway has also grown over the last year. They have taken an old sewing room and turned it into a flexible high school doctor's office. “It's more flexible, we can make it what we want. We also have a sink. Next year all the beds we see, we don't use those, but next year it will be ready for the CNA [Certified Nursing Assistant] to come in from Harper,” health teacher Tricia Moore said. The room shows students what their learning environment in college would be like.

The more functional classroom enhances the learning process and helps the students work more efficiently on their projects. “It prepares them because you get the terminology and you get to see the paths you can take, the occupations. If you’re going into a medical based position this has prepared you a lot. Anatomy, Med term, and CNA are all courses you have to take in college,” Moore said. 

The new health room is much bigger than what they had prior and more convenient for both the teacher and the students. “It is a better working environment because it’s bigger and there are more things to do there, and we do interactive activities, and it’s easier to work with groups when in tables which is good since in the field we will most likely work with a team,” junior Natalia Kubsik said. The class allows students to narrow down their career and helps them be prepared for their future in the health department. 

Hersey has made many changes to the look and functionality of the school to boost the learning in career pathway classrooms. There will be more improvements happening in the future to make sure that Hersey students are prepared for the work outside of high school. 


Paper Straws Stir Up a Debate
by: Jenny An

For the first time since its opening, the school’s coffee stand, Brewed Awakening, has taken steps towards decreasing global warming as of November by replacing plastic straws with paper alternatives. The intention behind replacing these straws is obviously well-meant, but there may be a better solution. 

Although the paper straws Brewed Awakening uses are indeed better for the environment, they often become more cumbersome and a burden when being used. The straws, since used for coffee, become soggy and tear, making it difficult to actually drink the coffee. Along with inconvenience for the drinkers, the paper straws are also more expensive compared to the plastic straws. 

Additionally, single-use straws as a whole are causing environmental detriments. Sustainability Victoria, an environmentalist group, has found that due to the size of straws, it is difficult for the straws to be recycled because they often fall out of cracks in machinery, resulting in them being found in landfills and bodies of water. 

An alternative to straws would be lids. Starbucks has been a prime example of making the change from plastic straws to nitro lids. The nitro lids are used for the cold brew drinks and use nine percent less plastic than the previously given lid and straw according to Starbucks News. 

Brewed Awakening already has cups with lids that are used primarily for hot drinks, but if all drinks were served in these cups, it would have a greater impact on helping reduce global warming. 

Although some lids do use more plastic, they are more easily recyclable because of the larger size, since there are fewer situations where it falls out of the machine as straws do. But whether Brewed Awakening continues to use single-use straws or begins to use another alternative, it is very exciting to see its seeking of more environmentally-friendly materials.


Global Community Mourns, Responds to Death of Prominent Journalist
by: Carter Zagorski

“I was recently online looking at the 2018 ‘Freedom in the World’ report published by Freedom House and came to a grave realization.  There is only one country in the Arab world that has been classified as ‘free.’ That nation is Tunisia. Jordan, Morocco and Kuwait come second, with a classification of ‘partly free.’  The rest of the countries in the Arab world are classified as ‘not free.’”

That’s the opening paragraph of the last published article by Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist and author who contributed to The Washington Post (click here to read the Opinions piece).  Khashoggi, a critic of his home country’s government, was well-known around the world for his coverage of numerous stories of importance to the Middle Eastern region and the world.  On Oct. 2, as he entered the Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey - two nations considered “not free” in the same Freedom House report - he was prepared to, according to BBC, “obtain a document certifying that he had divorced his ex-wife, so that he could marry his Turkish fiancée.”  He attempted to do so on Sept. 28, but was told to return later for reasons unknown. The events that would follow Khashoggi’s second entrance are unclear; what is confirmed is that Khashoggi did not leave his country’s embassy alive.

Immediately after the world knew of Khashoggi’s disappearance, the Saudi government declared that it had no knowledge of his fate, maintaining for two weeks that he had left the embassy after staying for no more than one hour.  The Saudi ambassador to the U.S. called reports of Khashoggi’s death “completely false and baseless,” and his brother, First Deputy Prime Minister Prince Mohammed, stated that “we have nothing to hide.”

Yet once news broke soon after on the country’s state-run television channel that Khashoggi was murdered in a “rogue operation,” and after a government official described how the journalist’s body was graphically disposed of, Saud al-Mojeb, Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor, stated that Khashoggi’s death was premeditated.  Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan concurred, claiming in a speech to his Justice and Development Party members last week that his nation had evidence of the killing. Presently, both Turkish President Erdogan and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman have agreed to cooperate in the investigation through sharing information that could lead to the still-missing body.

Last week’s “Davos in the Desert” investment conference hosted by Saudi Arabia was due to feature guests including Fortune 500 executives and world leaders.  However, many reversed their decisions because of Khashoggi’s death, including Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

And after much contentiousness, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also did not go to the investor conference he was previously scheduled to speak at, though he did travel to Saudi Arabia.  “We have an important relationship with Saudi Arabia, focused on combating terrorist financing and focused on our common interests of stopping Iran’s spread of both terrorism and other issues,” he said in defense of the visit.

President Trump invited Khashoggi’s fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, to the White House last week following his administration’s increasingly forceful messaging towards the Saudis.  He vowed “very severe” consequences for the country, saying that the case “has caught the imagination of the world, unfortunately. It’s not a positive. Not a positive,” and that the U.S. will respond once the investigation is complete.

Cengiz declined her invitation, stating that President Trump’s comments “were simply statements to gain public sympathy,” and calling for “all those involved in this savagery from the highest and lowest levels [to be] punished and brought to justice.”

A memorial service was held Monday in London.


Michael's Take: Jackson, Ravens Will Win Super Bowl
by: Michael Somary

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have taken the NFL by storm in their recent ten game win streak. With the playoffs looming, the Ravens are the hottest team in football. 

Jackson, the leader of the Ravens’ high-powered offense, is having a historic season as he broke Michael Vick’s single-season quarterback rushing record. 

Unlike Vick, Jackson has openly stated on many occasions that he does not want to be remembered for his running ability, but rather as a great passer, which he has proved to be true by putting up perfect quarterback ratings in three games this season.

Because of his MVP caliber season, Jackson has received a great deal of attention from the media. 

Despite all of the attention, Jackson is stubborn in expressing his sole focus on winning a Super Bowl this year. This focus is a very realistic goal for the Ravens.

The only team standing in the way of the Ravens making it to the Super Bowl is the New England Patriots, who the Ravens already beat this season by a relatively large margin of 37-20.

In addition to an easy road to the Super Bowl, the Ravens is a team that is built for the playoffs. When the weather gets bad late in the season, many quarterbacks struggle to throw the ball, and the outcome of games relies on a team's success in the run game.

The Ravens has the NFL’s best rushing offense, putting up a league-best 200.9 rushing yards per game (60 more than the 2nd ranked team), while also putting up a league-best 33.1 points per game.

It’s impossible for any team to completely shut down this dominant Baltimore Ravens football team. The only hope for any other Super Bowl contender is a Lamar Jackson injury. The Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl LIV. 

Huskies’ Take:

“I think the Ravens are going to win the Super Bowl this year because they haven’t lost since October, and there is no team in the NFL can beat them right now,” junior Julianna Nikolich said.

“I believe the Ravens will be Super Bowl contenders this year if they stay healthy. However, I think the New Orleans Saints will beat them if they meet in the Super Bowl, so I would not bet on the Ravens winning it all this year,” junior Manny Morales said.

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