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MAY 31 A "Funner" Day for Huskies & Special Ed. Students

Students in Service Over Self and special education students from around Arlington Heights gathered in the field house for Funner Olympics on May 22.  Every year, Funner Olympics hosts a variety of games and activities. Some students acted as a buddy for the special education students while others ran booths, allowing for a wide variety of games and activities that students were free to navigate their ways through.

​MAY 31 Summer is...Concert Season

This summer, a plethora of artists will be making their way to Chicago as part of their summer tours. Plenty of students already have their tickets and are already anticipating shows over the summer. In honor of summer being a few short weeks away, we spoke to a few students about the summer shows they’re looking forward to.

​MAY 31 What Fits This Summer

April Issue

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May Issue

You can always tell summer is around the corner when it’s time to clear your closet of winter essentials. One of the best parts of summer is trading in those sweaters for t-shirts and pants for shorts. Students prepare their closets for the summer each year by doing a deep clean and splurging at the mall. 


March Issue